32nd International Public ICANN Meeting: IPv6 documents

Domenica, 22 Giugno, 2008
ISOC Italia

I documenti, presentati durante l'incontro, inerenti la necessita' della transizione al nuovo protocollo di rete IPv6:

Advancing the implementation of IPv.6
(formato .doc)
IPv.6 on the High Level Group agenda

Transitioning to Ipv6 (formato .ppt)
Australian Government
Report to Governmental Advisory Committee

Action plan for IPv4 address exhaustion (formato .ppt)
IPv6 as a BASIC Internet Service
Ministry of International affairs and Communications Japan

IPv4 depletion and IPv6 deployment: Public Policy Overview (formato .ppt)
OECD report: Economic Considerations in the Management of IPv4 and in the Deployment of IPv6
GAC: Internet End-Users and the Transition from IPv4 to IPv6